Conferences Proceedings

• Introduction

YET Egypt provides the total solution. They advise, direct, consult, plan, manage, organize, create, and coordinate; they make it all happen….the way you want it to happen, efficiently, effectively and very, successfully. “YET Egypt” is all about experience, innovation, integrity and service, principles that have been the formula of success for the company.

• Mission

YET Egypt mission is the dedication to providing their clients with the highest level of service, commitment and integrity at all times. Every detail, every task, is achieved through careful planning and an eye for detail.

• Why is YET Egypt needed:

Planning a function large or small requires a great deal of time and energy, not to mention an eye for details. The value provided by “YET Egypt” is measured not only by their meticulous attention to details but by also their buying power which can make all the difference in any event budget.

• What does YET Egypt offers:

YET Egypt offers an array of services that can be combined in numerous ways to provide the meeting planning solution that is right for your meeting, event or conference.

• Site Selection:
YET Egypt goal is to research and recommend a site that best suits your meeting’s needs
• Site Inspection:
YET Egypt team inspects the location with you or on your behalf and meet with the property’s sales person/team and tour the property. The meeting spaces, guest rooms, level of service, property condition, layout, outlets and any other amenities or items that may influence the success of your meeting are all inspected.
• Contract Negotiation:
After your final selection they finalize negotiations with the selected suppliers (Hotels, Audio- Visual, Dinner/ Lunch venues etc…) .
• General Consultation:
“YET Egypt” team coordinates, directs and manages the services of all suppliers and vendors throughout the execution of the event.

• Budget planning, tracking and Projections:
Developing a meeting budget can affect the whole meeting. YET Egypt can provide different scenarios that explore income and expense variations to help make your decision. YET Egypt will offer you an initial budget, then after reviewing it with you they adjust it based on your input.

• General Meeting Management
YET Egypt becomes your virtual meeting planning department so you can focus on your core responsibilities
• Participants coordination and Registration
YET Egypt can provide you with a service that will help coordinating the participant’s registration. They initiate, maintain and manage a database for the registration process.
• On-Site Management
Hospitality desk during the whole conference across from the meeting rooms
• Marketing branding and signage
The materials used in a meeting are one of the most visible, tangible, and impression setting elements of a meeting. YET Egypt directs and supervises on-site coordination and staging.
• Miscellaneous Services
Awards, gifts, theme development, photographers, flowers etc…
• Conclusion
YET Egypt enjoys their clients’ success. They pride themselves on delivering conferences and events that not only meet their expectations but also exceed them. YET Egypt job is to satisfy all your demands which becomes more and more challenging (Just the way we like it)

Types of Corporate events that YET Egypt can offer:

• Grand Openings/ Galas
• Annual meetings
• Promotional events
• Conventions
• Product launches
• Regional Sales Meetings
• CEO or VIP visits to Egypt
• Client Appreciation
• Theme/ Special events
• Trade Shows
• Company Anniversaries
• Award Banquets
• Holiday events
• Incentive trips: Domestic and International
• Sites Inaugurations
• Workshops